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Why photographic purism makes no sense in the digital age

Some photographers subscribe to a philosophy of modern photographic purism, frowning upon any use of post-processing techniques and seeing them as a form of cheating. This idea was popularised popularised in the 1930s but few photographers today subscribe to the movement’s ideals of ridding one’s work of “qualities of technique, composition or idea, derivative of any other art form”. Today’s photographic purists have no such ambitions; conversely, they often strive to create highly artistic photographs using only their camera (and physical accessories such as lights and filters) and they extent to which they consider themselves successful correlates directly to the extent to which their results appear to have been created through post-processing when in reality they have been achieved in camera. There are many legitimate reasons not to post-process your digital photographs but the popular notion that all forms of post-processing are somehow inauthentic is deeply misguided.

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Constructing Danbo

Thumbs up for Flickr’s new design

There’s a lot of hate amongst the user community for Flickr’s bold new design. Some of the complaints are justified, but as a professional web developer I’ve been at the business end of the intractable problem that Yahoo! is up against here: that you can’t please everyone, no matter what you do. For years Flickr has been lambasted as an Internet backwater because Yahoo! was neglecting innovation on the platform in favour of integration. Now that the Flickr development team has made a determined effort to re-imagine the user experience of Flickr, many users are understandably upset that the site they have known and loved for years is changing radically in ways they are not comfortable with. Well, I think the new design is great.

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