At one time this page contained a contact form that sent me an email. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts I couldn’t find any way of eliminating the deluge of website marketing spam that ensued. They ruin it for everybody, don’t they?

If you want to get in touch with me about my photography, the best way is to find me on Flickr and send me a FlickrMail or send me a Tweet. Please don’t do that if you’re trying to sell me something, you will be ignored and you will make my day a little bit worse. If you’re looking to get in touch to ask permission to use one of my Creative Commons-licenced photos, consider your request granted – I always say yes to any and all such requests and I really don’t mind how or if I am credited for my work. By all means get in touch to let me know how you’ve used my work because I’m always interested to see how they photos I have shared have been used.