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Crimson Patch Butterfly

Butterfly photography

Butterflies are one of the easiest and most rewarding subjects to shoot for a wildlife photographer, especially if you visit one of the many butterfly hot houses around the world. They are usually slow moving, stop frequently to rest and are usually unfazed by a photographer getting in close with a camera. They are also incredibly varied and colourful, often resulting in strikingly vibrant images. Butterflies are one of my favourite things to photograph, and over the years I’ve picked up a handful of useful rules of thumb on how to get the best results.

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Jumping Spider by Thomas Shahan

Extreme macro photography is not for me

Jumping Spider by Thomas Shahan

I want to be able to take photos like the spectacular example above by Thomas Shahan. Well, not exactly like it; as photogenic as those little critters are, spiders and I don’t mix, especially when jumping is involved, but I’ve always been impressed by extreme close-up macro photography, so when I read about the Yasuhara Nanoha Lens 4x-5x Super Macro Lens I decided to take a punt and buy one, even though I already had the 1:1 Olympus 60mm f/2.8 macro lens. There’s something so compelling about the idea of getting really, really close. I expected working with this lens to be difficult, but it turned out to be way harder than I had imagined. So hard in fact, that I’m giving up. Read the full article »

Dante's View

Beginner’s Guide: Exposure

If you’re just getting to grips with the fundamentals of photography it may seem like there is a lot of information to take in. An introductory book can be helpful here, but when I was starting out I could have really used a quick reference of the essential facts that I needed to commit to memory that did not confuse me lots of nuanced discussion of the key topics. This will be the first in a series of posts in which I will attempt to provide that quick reference for beginners. This post will deal with the most important topic in all of photography: exposure.

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Zoo photography

Wildlife photography in England isn’t the easiest of pursuits unless you’re content to photograph pigeons, snails and the occasional squirrel or domesticated cat. Since I love wildlife photography, I started visiting Britain’s many zoos with my camera and I discovered that it is actually quite easy to take great animal portraits at a zoo if you follow a few basic rules.

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Traffic Light Tree

Motivation in photography through permissive licencing

If you’re just starting out in photography and you don’t have people around you who share your interest, making yourself to get out there and do it can be hard. There are a plenty ways to motivate yourself but the most effective for me has been sharing. Sharing with friends and family, but also with the rest of the world. I’ve shared most of the photos I’ve ever taken through the Creative Commons licence and because of that my photos have been used, widely.

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