Daily Archive: March 11, 2015

Lightroom Mobile for iOS

Lightroom Mobile is the worst

Getting photos from a Lightroom catalog to an iPhone has always been like treading through treacle. Until Lightroom Mobile there was no practical way of doing it without creating an intermediate copy of the photos in iPhoto or the file system, which then has to be kept up to date. If you have photos that appear in multiple albums the situation is even more of a maintenance nightmare.

My requirements are simple enough; I use Lightroom on the desktop to organise and post-process my photos, and I want the results of that work to appear on my phone for viewing and sharing. I’m sick and tired of having to work so hard to achieve this simple objective, so I decided to sign up for Adobe’s Creative Cloud Photography plan which offers the promise of automatic catalog synchronisation to a mobile device. I wish I hadn’t bothered. Against all odds Adobe has managed to make the mobile sync experience even worse with Lightroom Mobile than using iPhoto as a sync hub.

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